Pray for President Trump as He Makes “the Biggest Decision of My Life”

Almost a week ago, President Trump stated:

“I’ve got to make the biggest decision of my life…This is by far the biggest decision of my life because I have to say okay, let’s go. This is what we’re going to do.”

~President Trump, 4/10/2020

What was he talking about? Re-opening the country. It is a huge decision with health, economic and political ramifications.

  • Health ramifications because if the economy is re-opened and Americans don’t continue to follow health protocols, a resurgence of the virus could occur and take more lives.
  • Economic ramifications because the longer the economy remains depressed, the more dramatically it could impact particularly those in lower income brackets.
  • Political, though the least of the concerns, is significant because this decision could potentially swing the November election.

Indeed, it is a big decision.

Soon after that, President Trump asked the nation to pray for him, and also asked:

“…all Americans to pray that God will heal our nation, to bring comfort to those who are grieving, to give strength to the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, to restore the sick and to renew the hope in every person who is suffering.”

The Presidential Prayer Team has led the prayer effort and millions have prayed.

The day has come for that decision, and President Trump is set to make an initial announcement this afternoon. Join me in prayer throughout the day that the decision is one led by the Lord, and that our nation responds appropriately to it.

Beyond that, despite the gravity of this decision, there is another decision that is far more important. It is a personal decision that every single human being must make: Will you accept or deny Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. My prayer is that you…and President Trump…make that all-important decision, if you haven’t already. The ramifications of that decision are eternal.

Keep praying, saints!

6 thoughts on “Pray for President Trump as He Makes “the Biggest Decision of My Life”

  1. I totally agree that our state has an outstanding job so far! Our numbers definitely show that. I also agree that we need to get back up and running as soon as safely possible. God has been answering our prayers and bringing us through in an amazing way! Thanks for all the great info.

    1. Just this afternoon (Thursday), he announced plans to allow states to begin opening up again, based on a 3-phase plan that will be monitored, and according to when governors determine it is appropriate for their state (or individual counties within their state) to open. I have seen and read the plan and there appears to be great wisdom in how it is being handled. God answered prayers for wisdom and our president appears to be moving decisively, but with appropriate caution. Praise God for His grace, wisdom and mercy!

      1. That’s great! I just hope they don’t move too soon here in AZ. Ducey seems a little too anxious to get things back to normal. But I’m praying it will all happen in a timely and sensible manner. Have a great weekend!

      2. There will be specific parameters and benchmarks that must be met before states will be allowed to consider opening. Because of my job, I have had to stay very “plugged in” to the progression of the virus and the handling by our state. Gov Ducey has been very judicious in decisions and I believe he will make sensible decisions about re-opening. Bottom line is that if we don’t get America up and running again, other issues (including health concerns, domestic violence, etc) will escalate and do more damage than the virus. AZ’s numbers (other than on the reservations) are much better than expected. Our state has done a fantastic job in preparing and handling this crisis. Praise God for that!

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