Look What’s Happening at the Sea of Galilee!

Top: January 2020, Bottom: January 2019

Something interesting is happening at the Sea of Galilee! As recently as December 2018, people were asking, “Is the Sea of Galilee Drying Up?” There was concern that further drought might do irreparable damage. Jews were praying, Christians began praying…and I believe God heard and honored those prayers!

Take a look at the top picture of the two above, taken about 3 months ago. The contrasting pictures are from January 2020 (top) and January 2019 (bottom), and what a difference! Believe it or not, the Sea of Galilee rose about 10 feet (3.1 meters) in the month of January 2020 alone! Now, because of the wet weather continuing into the spring (50mm over Easter

Sea of Galilee level rises after heavy weekend rain | The Times of ...

weekend!), the Sea of Galilee is only about 20 centimeters from reaching capacity. If that happens, the Degania Dam will open for the first time in almost 30 years, sending larger-than-normal amounts of water flowing through the Jordan River to the Dead Sea (which has also shrunken considerably) in the past several years.

While it is not unusual for the water level to vacillate in the Sea of Galilee, it is unusual for levels to increase by such a large amount in a single year. Jewish rabbis are calling this “an omen of Messiah’s arrival.”

Though spoken by a mystic rabbi, and not a statement that contains Biblical significance, it is significant that Jews are becoming more and more intense in their watchfulness of the arrival of their Messiah. There is more and more talk of it, and a growing excitement about it.

Unfortunately, short of scales coming off Jewish eyes to recognize that Jesus the Messiah has already come the first time to pay the penalty for sin, Jews, and all other unbelievers, will enter the Tribulation. Yes, Romans 11 promises that, through the Tribulation, all Israel will be saved. Yet, Jesus came to the Jew first to save them even from that terrible time (Romans 1:16).

Israel is green and lush, and the wildflowers have never been more abundant and beautiful, at least in recent history. (See yesterday’s post.) God is blessing His chosen people and His chosen land. Yet a day is coming when they will be left to endure the Tribulation.

Join me in praying for Jewish eyes to be open as they see the beauty and the blessings all around them, and to know that Jesus of Nazareth (not far from the Galilee) is indeed their Savior and Lord. May many come to know the Messiah…before He comes back the second time to judge the world.

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