Is C-19 the Result of Chinese Effort to Upend US? Evidence Suggests That!

There is growing evidence that what was suspected from the beginning of the virus crisis has merit. More and more it appears the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab as a result of carelessness (or, God forbid, evil intention) in the pursuit to one-up the US.

Credible details were described yesterday and can be found here:

Sources Believe Coronavirus Originated in Wuhan Lab as Part of China’s Effort to Compete with US

With this, consider what is happening in the world:

  • Russia’s economy is very dependent upon oil and gas. In a price war with Saudi Arabia, the price of oil has dipped to the lowest levels in decades, putting the Russian economy in dire straights.
  • Iran has totally covered up the incident and death rates brought on by C-19, and untold numbers of government and military leaders have perished. In addition, their economy is in the tank as well, and citizens have been at unrest for months. Motivation in Iran is spiritual, not political, as the Ayatollah feels “called” by Allah to create chaos that will hasten the return of the Muslim messiah.
  • Turkish President Erdogan is chomping at the bit to become sultan of a new Ottoman Empire, yet he can’t seem to gain traction in the Middle East. Economically, Turkey is in a mess as well, and Erdogan is becoming desperate.
  • North Korea….crickets! Willing to quietly bide time, build nuclear weapons and sell them to Iran.
  • Now, China facing a potential “uncovering” as US intelligence digs in, which may make them look bad. Only time will tell of the impact this may ultimately have on their economy, as nations potentially decide to curb business with them. World economic domination is important to them.

All a recipe for what? For one, an invasion of Israel who, according to statistics, is weathering the crisis better than most…and certainly better than her neighbors who envy her oil and gas resources! Sounds like groundwork is laid for Ezekiel’s prophecy. (Ezekiel 38-39)

Secondly, how about a deadly advance of the gigantic army from the east, prophesied in Revelation 9:13-19! That doesn’t occur until the Tribulation is well underway, but perhaps we’re seeing a stage being set. Who, from the east, has such a gigantic army; and what could possibly kill 1/3 of mankind?Who might have motivation to do such a thing? Look at a map and read the article above!

Kinda like the Bible might be more accurate than today’s news! Just saying…

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