Benny Gantz Given the Mandate to Form a Government in Israel

Image result for gantz rivlin
Rivlin gives Gantz the mandate to form a government

In a blow to Benjamin Netanyahu, the left-center Blue and White party leader, Benny Gantz, was given first crack at forming a government in Israel. Including the 15-member anti-Zionist, anti-Israel Joint List of Arab MKs, Gantz managed 61 recommendations.

While that does not mean all 61 will ultimately join Blue and White in coalition, it certainly makes the option possible. Gantz has 42 days in which to form a government.

Meanwhile, with much of Israel shut down due to the coronavirus, Netanyahu suggests that the national health crisis demands government stability and has offered Gantz two options of compromise, a 6-month emergency government led by Netanyahu or a unity government led by Netanyahu the first two years, followed by Gantz’s rotation as Prime Minister following that.

For Gantz to be successful in turning those 61 recommendations into a coalition, the ultranational Yisrael Beiteinu party, led by Avigdor Lieberman, would have to agree to serve with 15 Arab MKs adamantly opposed to Israel’s statehood. Even so, a 61-member coalition would be very weak and not likely to last long.

The political situation in Israel is dire. Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been so instrumental in Israel’s rise to world recognition and respect, is mired in trumped up legal issues and is awaiting hearings. Center and left-wing parties in Israel are as staunchly committed to unseating Netanyahu as the American liberal left is of unseating President Trump.

Short of prayer and God’s intervention, two of the most democratic nations on earth may be losing ground to the evil schemes of the enemy.

BTW – President Trump declared yesterday (Sunday, March 15, 2020) a national day of prayer, primarily for the corona crisis. I prayed with my friends, and I hope you did too! If not, God is certainly not bound by time. Will you join me in praying regularly for our nation as we work through this crisis together, and as we traverse tense election seasons in America and Israel? Prayer is necessary, and we’re called into that service of prayer.

Meet you at the foot of the cross!

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