Prophecy Fulfilled Right Before Our Very Eyes

We live in exciting days! To some these look like nothing but chaotic, problematic days. Yet, according to God’s Word, things are falling into place just as the prophets told us they would. That makes these exciting days!

Here are some recent examples:

The Bible describes plagues and pestilence upon the earth in the last days. That is occurring right now in parts of Africa and Asia.

True to Ezekiel’s prophecy (chapter 38), Russia, Iran and Turkey are operational in Syria, and all have ambitions to wipe out Israel and/or take what Israel has. The IDF, meanwhile, protects the Jewish homeland and her interests. Here’s the latest:

Need more? Ezekiel 38 also indicates that Israel will be prosperous, causing enemies to want what Israel has. Israel is officially one of the most prosperous nations on earth! They were never prosperous during or after their return to the homeland…until recently! Israel’s economy is booming!

The point is this: when we look around us, we see prophecy being fulfilled (or at least the stage being set) all over the place! God is faithful, as not one Bible prophecy has proven to be false.

Do you trust God and His Word? Do you find confidence in God when you realize not one single prophecy will be left unfulfilled? Boy, I do!

These are indeed exciting times to be alive and at work in God’s Kingdom! Let’s be about our Father’s business as we see the day of His coming approaching!

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