“Deal of the Century” Released…but What will Come of It?

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This morning President Trump released his administration’s “Deal of the Century,” which includes a two-state solution. Some will love the deal, others will hate it. Some have already accepted it, some rejected it even before it was announced. It remains to be seen how it will play out.

However, there are very strong political implications. Even before the announcement, the left-wing media was touting it as a “Trump-Netanyahu Pact,” meant to bolster their political positions. (Here is an example.)

The geopolitical wheels are spinning as fast as ever. Last week, Netanyahu invited Blue and White leader, Benny Gantz, to join meetings at the White House. Many believe Netanyahu would have gained political clout in setting up an opportunity for the highly-skilled diplomat (Netanyahu) to over-shadow the less-experienced and less-skilled Gantz.

Gantz turned the tables by arranging a separate, private meeting with President Trump and the negotiation team, though Gantz was definitely second fiddle because he does not officially represent Israel diplomatically. He was not on hand for the official unveiling of the peace plan. Netanyahu and Gantz are entwined in a high-stakes battle for Israel’s premiership, so who gained the advantage? Time will tell. Elections in Israel are slated for March 2.

In another twist, less than 24 hours before the “big reveal” of the peace deal, Netanyahu announced his decision to forego his request for immunity in the Knesset, after which Israeli courts immediately indicted him on charges of bribery and fraud. Similar to the impeachment attempt against President Trump, charges are questionable and a long, drawn out trial are sure to ensue.

So is the peace deal turning into a political tool, or is there something to be gained from it diplomatically? Time will tell, but I’m thankful for an administration who blesses Israel and makes attempts at peace. Biblically speaking, true peace will not happen until the Prince of Peace comes to rule and reign in the Millennial Kingdom. Meanwhile, let’s pray for our leaders, and other world leaders. May they seek wisdom found only in the One who is sovereign overall…Jesus Christ our King!

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