Check Out the New VISION 2020 Study Guide

About 10 days ago we kicked off a new initiative called VISION 2020, with a goal of getting into God’s Word to discover God’s Story being written in lives during these last days. Well, I’m not sure if I hit a hot button or what, but the enemy seems to have worked overtime in delaying the preparation for this second study guide! But finally, it is prepared and posted.

Once you get into the study guide, I think you’ll see why there was opposition!

Beneath the big header above, find the link that says “Bible Studies,” then click on “VISION 2020,” where you will find study guides. (Here is the direct link.) Study guide #2 was just posted.

Keep in mind, the plan is to dig deep into God’s Word in 2020, so don’t become overwhelmed by the length of the study guides. Each will be divided into parts, providing good stopping places during the study, and new study guides will be posted every 7-14 days, allowing you time to contemplate what you have studied. Don’t rush through these!

If you are on Facebook, please join the VISION 2020 group and share God Stories, ask questions, or take a moment to encourage someone! Let’s build an online community committed to grow together in God’s Word!

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