Will Benny Gantz Accept President Trump’s Invitation

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Netanyahu, Gantz invited to the White House. Will Gantz go?

As I post this, Israel’s Blue and White party leader, Benny Gantz, is scheduled to make an announcement regarding President Trump’s invitation to join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the Deal of the Century.

There is a very intriguing chess game going on in the political worlds of Israel and the US. While some would argue the fact, President Trump and PM Netanyahu have done enormously more to advance the interests of their countries, while maintaining stability on the world stage, than any US Presidents or Israeli Prime Ministers in many years. Yet, Netanyahu faces indictments on flimsy charges and Trump is defending impeachment.

No one seems to have more keen insight into the high-stakes drama being played out than Israeli journalist, Caroline Glick. She is no nonsense, and has a deep understanding of how the complicated politics of Israel works.

Benny Gantz faces a real dilemma in being invited to the historic meeting at the White House. One would think, in a campaign in which he is pressing to unseat Netanyahu, he would jump at the chance of a most prestigious White House invitation and the opportunity to be on perhaps the world’s biggest stage. But not so fast!

Find out why in Glick’s article, Trump’s Invitation has Changed the Stakes of the Election. It is very insightful!

As always, I encourage prayer for our nation’s leaders, as well as those in Israel. The 2020 elections in both Israel (March) and the US (November) may well be the most significant elections of our lifetime.

Meanwhile, read the article, then keep an eye out on the soon-to-be-released news of Gantz’s decision.

UPDATE: Benny Gantz has accepted President Trump’s invitation, but will meet with the president separately from Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Jerusalem Post posted this analysis soon after Gantz’s announcement.

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