While You Were Enjoying New Year’s Day Off…

Hi friends! While most of us were enjoying New Year’s Eve/Day festivities with family and friends, these 750 soldiers of Fort Bragg’s 82nd Airborne Division said goodbye to theirs. In less than 18 hours, they prepared, packed and said goodbye, answering the call of deployment to the Middle East.

Due to Iranian-orchestrated raids on the American Embassy in Baghdad, US military officials and President Trump sent our brave military warriors in to secure and protect our diplomats and reinforce our troops in that area.

The skirmish began when an Iranian attack on a US military base killed one American civilian contractor and wounded American soldiers. In response, the Pentagon authorized strategic strikes on five specific Iranian targets in Iraq, which were carried out with exact and deadly precision, killing 25 Iranian-backed militia fighters. Thus, in protest, hundreds of pro-Iranians stormed the US Embassy, setting structures ablaze, but failing to penetrate the compound.

By late-Wednesday (January 1), the protesters had retreated and American Apache helicopters patrolled the skies. President Trump denounced the actions of the militiamen, vowed this “will not be a Benghazi,” and praised the Marines (who deployed immediately from Kuwait) for a “fantastic job.”

Conversely (and ridiculously), one militia supporter declared, “After achieving the intended aim, we pulled out from this place triumphantly. We rubbed America’s nose in the dirt.”

It doesn’t take a military genius to figure out the hatred, disdain, and yes, delusion, Iran has toward America, and it seems quite obvious they intend to draw us into military conflict.

Indeed, tensions continue to ramp up in the Middle East. Iran seems intent on initiating conflict, Russia has its eye on natural gas that is now flowing from the Israeli gas field in the Mediterranean, and Turkey’s President Erdogan is scheming to gain control of the Muslim world. Potentially, it could all be leading to the invasion of Israel the prophet Ezekiel describes in Ezekiel 38-39.

Interestingly, and on a lighter note, here is the IDF’s response to world events as we sail into 2020:

Bible students, keep your eyes open to see the prophecies of the Bible move toward fulfillment, and lift up your eyes, for our redemption is drawing near! (Luke 21:28)

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