DEVELOPING: Jews Attacked in NYC During Hanukkah Celebration

Confirmed reports indicate a man entered the home of a Jewish Rabbi in Monsey NY, a heavily Jewish-populated neighborhood of NYC, and stabbed 5 people as a crowd celebrated the seventh night of Hanukkah. He then attempted to enter a nearby synagogue to continue his rampage.

The attack occurred just before 10:00pm Saturday night (Eastern time) and the suspect was taken into custody a short while later. Meanwhile, the 5 victims (reportedly including two of the rabbi’s children) were taken to area hospitals.

The New York Times and the local CBS station (as well as many other outlets) have posted reports, and more info may be found there.

As American’s (particularly Christians), we must take a stand against the rising Antisemitism in our country. What is happening in many places is very reminiscent of Germany in 1939. Jews are fearful, and with good reason.

Christian friends, you may think there is nothing you can do, but that is far from the truth. If nothing else, please commit to pray for them, and make it a discipline to do so regularly. If you know Jewish people, why not send them a note of encouragement, or verbally tell them you do not stand for what has occurred, rather you care for them and are praying for them. If you are an activist, or simply willing to contact your Congressmen and state legislators, please take the time to express your support of the Jewish community and ask them to take effective measures to strike down Antisemitism. Vote anti-Semites out of office.

Do not succumb to the lies and hatred spread by those who espouse the BDS movement. They want to convince you that Israel is an apartheid state and should be boycotted. Don’t stand for that. Support Jewish entrepreneurship, whether here in America, in Israel, or anywhere else in the world.

College campuses are fraught with anti-Israel agendas. If you have college-aged students, educate them about Jewish history and legitimacy. If you don’t, someone else will educate them otherwise. If your church does not support Israel, find one that does. (Genesis 12:3: those who bless Israel will be blessed!) If your church does support Israel, ask how you can help educate others of the importance in doing so. If you are a teacher, be bold in teaching about Israel, her history, Judaic roots of Christianity, etc.

As a Christian, take time to find out what Scripture says regarding our Jewish roots, and how we are to relate to Jewish people. Start by reading Romans 9-11.

There is plenty we can do to support Israel and to demonstrate to Jewish people that we care about them and support them. Otherwise, we will repeat history when “everyone should have done something, but no one did.”

Is this 1939 or 2019? Make a difference!

3 thoughts on “DEVELOPING: Jews Attacked in NYC During Hanukkah Celebration

    1. Yes. I have a good friend (young Jewish woman) who lives in NYC. Please pray specifically for her, as well as all in the Jewish communities of NYC. Antisemitism is rising in many places around the US, but the Jewish population in NYC is the largest, so the easiest to attack.

      Blessings…and thanks for praying!

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