Did President Trump Really “Blow it” in Syria?

Image result for turkey in syria
Turkish Assault on Kurds in Syria

It’s a question everyone is asking…or assuming they know the answer to: “Why did President Trump abandon a US ally (the Kurds) by pulling US troops out of northern Syria? Did he blow it for good?”

The jury is still out, but we have to understand there are serious political implications to every decision President Trump makes. If you are trusting the highly-politicized media to give you straight answers, you will likely be misled! (That’s why I like to call them the “Media-ites!”)

As things spin from bad to worse, the chaos in Syria is definitely concerning, even for loyal Trump supporters. There are many “behind-the-scenes” details that we don’t know, though, so let’s hope there is sense to be made of them. Without knowing what more is involved, it is difficult from an earthly human standpoint to come to an informed opinion. Through human eyes, President Trump’s decision seems more negative than positive.

However, in light of Bible prophecy, we are able to view the situation through the lens of Scripture. Amir Tsarfati provided an angle to the scenario that may be worth some attention. I’m not suggesting he has “nailed” the situation, but I find his perspective on it intriguing, and a bit more positive than most. He delivered this update last Friday, as things were just ramping up between the Turks and Kurds. Despite the latest developments, it’s worth hearing if you’re longing for a bit of silver lining in the dark clouds of chaos.


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