“I Cannot Look Back”: An Israeli Teenager Meets Messiah!

Image result for to the jew first

My friends, God is writing an amazing story…a story of redemption and eternal salvation. But salvation is for the Jew first, then for us Gentiles.

As illustrated a couple days ago, the Gospel message is going out, and slowly a harvest of the “first people” (Jews) is coming in. True, most will not recognize their Messiah until tribulational times. However, those who are willing to see beyond the veil will see and know Yeshua (Jesus) as the One in whom salvation has come!

As noted previously, Jewish high holy days cause observant Jews to reflect more deeply on the importance of repentance. Yesterday was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement on the Jewish calendar. These are days Jesus is undoubtedly making Himself known in undeniable ways and many will meet Him as Messiah!

Here is how God’s story has touched one Israeli teenager. Rejoice and pray for others to follow!

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