Israeli Election: To Bibi or not to Bibi?

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An election-weary Israeli public went to the polls yesterday for the second time in less than 6 months. At stake is the political future of Benjamin Netanyahu (known by friends as “Bibi”). More importantly, at stake is the ability of Israel to maintain world-wide respect and a strong foreign policy position among a world full of power-hungry regimes (particularly in the Middle East) aiming to destroy the Jewish state.

As I write this very late on Tuesday night (September 17, 2019, in the US), the very first results of counted ballots are being published, showing Netanyahu’s Likud party with a very slim lead. However, the consensus is that, regardless of which of the two major parties wins the most seats, neither is likely to be able to form a coalition of at least 61 seats. (To understand Israel’s election process, click here.)

Final election results may not be known for hours or days, and President Rivlin will then give the mandate to the party leader most likely to be able to put together a coalition. That attempt will probably take the full 2 weeks allotted by Israeli law.

Now for my thoughts…

First, nothing is done until God determines it is done! Please pray for God’s man to be elected. While it seems to me that Benjamin Netanyahu is the only Israeli candidate with the experience and ability to maintain Israel’s position on the world stage, I could be wrong….or the Lord may have different plans! Nonetheless, our responsibility is to pray, so let’s do it!

Secondly, during Netanyahu’s tenure, Israel has risen to a place of military power, economic strength, world-wide respect and innovative genius. Once vulnerable and in dire need of God’s supernatural protection, Israel has become one of the most formidable military forces on earth. Could it be that too much success and favor has led Israel to repeat past mistakes of relying upon themselves rather than on their God?

Often, we reference Ezekiel 38 and the coming invasion from the north of Russia, Iran, Turkey and others. Have we forgotten verses 18-22 tell us very clearly it is the Lord who will defend Israel…not the IDF!

Thus, it seems logical to me that, should Benjamin Netanyahu be forced from leadership, we could see Israel’s wherewithal diminish and their military might slip. Might Russia and Iran smell blood in the water at that point, prompting them to invade just as Scripture says they ultimately will?

To push the scenario even further, consider for a moment the possibility of the next US election yielding a globalist, rather than a staunch supporter of Israel. Coupled with a weakened state of Israel, America’s inability/unwillingness to stand with Israel will fulfill the very principle we see in Ezekiel 38:13: no one will stand with Israel in that day of invasion!

We may be seeing end times spinning faster and faster toward events that will eventually culminate in the rapture, then the Tribulation. No one knows the day or hour of the rapture (Matthew 24:36, Matthew 25:13, Mark 13:32). However, Jesus rebuked Pharisees (Matthew 16:1-3) and followers (Luke 12:54-56) for understanding signs in the skies, but not discerning the time and season in which they live.

Friends, we are living in the time and season of the fast-approaching Tribulation. That being so, and the rapture to occur before, then Jesus could come for us literally at any moment! Are you ready!

Now, back to Israel’s election. Either way, God’s purpose will be fulfilled. Consider the last verse of Ezekiel 38 and apply it to election results and everything else we see in our world today:

I will magnify Myself, sanctify Myself, and make Myself known in the sight of many nations; and they will know that I am the Lord.


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