Jordanian Palestinian: “We will Thrive Only when Israel Does!”

Image result for Zahran EU parliament

Though thousands of Palestinians work quietly and peacefully in Israeli companies, it is rare to hear a Palestinian speak out boldly and authoritatively in favor of allowing Israel to thrive! The reality is that many Palestinians know they have a better life thanks to jobs in Israeli companies, yet social pressure typically keeps them quiet.

But not this guy! Hear what this Jordanian Palestinian had to say to the EU parliament almost a year ago:

Interestingly, the big issue during end times will not be the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, it is a mere distraction today. The more Iran can stoke the fires of conflict there, the more they can coordinate efforts with their proxies to wreck havoc on Israel. Fortunately, we know the Lord will ultimately thwart their plans.

Unfortunately, the Jewish people will suffer through the tribulation before they witness the ultimate protection of the Lord on their behalf!

Lots to pray for! Yes, pray for wisdom to increase, allowing Jews and Palestinians to strive toward peace. Pray, also, for wisdom of the IDF not to be drawn into unnecessary conflicts that take their focus away from greater threats. Pray for boldness of more Palestinians to speak the truth. Finally, pray the Lord of Peace, Jesus Himself, will rule and reign in the hearts of Jews, Palestinians and other people groups in and around Israel.

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