Mending Broken Relationships

Hi friends! Despite evil in the world and the downward spiral in ethics and Biblical living so prevalent in the world, I am excited about certain things I see today.

Basic understanding of Biblical history tells us a very basic thing: Jesus was Jewish, and so were the first followers of Christ! The Gospel didn’t come to us Gentiles until Peter was sent by God to share it at Caesarea. (Read the account in Acts 10.) Once the Gospel was opened up to both Jews and Gentiles everyone because one big happy family….right?

Not so much! Believing Jews, still struggling to live under God’s grace, and believing Gentiles who weren’t so accepting of Jewish believers, soon parted ways. Gentiles claimed Jesus as their own, and Rabbinic Judaism took root. The divide lasted for centuries.

Romans 11 and Galatians 3 teach us much about how Jews and Christians are to relate to one another, and how we related to the Holy Spirit who guides us. Thus, I am happy that Christians have taken intentional actions to mend relations, and Jews are (for the most part) welcoming of warmer relationships.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the extreme efforts of the current American administration to stand so strongly for Israel. Vice President Mike Pence has quietly and behind the scenes driven initiatives to bless Israel. Nikki Haley was a bulldog for Israel at the UN, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is unabashedly leading our country’s diplomatic efforts to stand strong on Israel’s behalf. I believe all of these men and women, and dozens more in positions of power, are Bible-believing Christians who have chosen to take God at His Word when it comes to blessing Israel!

Now, I pray that churches will pick up the mantel that is theirs and begin to teach their congregations the importance of understanding our Jewish heritage. Rightly relating to Israel is more crucial today than ever before because if the Lord should tarry, we will face difficult days. We simply can’t wait until tough times occur to “flip the switch” and suddenly take a stand. We must stand beforehand, or risk falling when the time comes.

Too often we expect our government to do what the church ought! Well, friends, while our government is still fraught with problems, we have an administration standing more boldly with Israel than ever before. It’s time for Christians to get in the game!

Here are some questions to help move us all in that direction:

  • When is the last time you prayed for Israel? It’s the simplest, yet most important thing we can do!
  • Do we stand silently by when we hear others spreading falsehood about Israel, or do we speak the truth?
  • Have you ever befriended a Jewish person and genuinely shown Christ’s love by the way you treat them? Romans 11 teaches us to provoke them to jealousy….to want what we have: their Messiah!
  • Have you considered supporting ministries that directly assist Jewish people? (The Joshua Fund, One for Israel, Behold Israel and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem are great places to consider.)
  • Are there friend in whom we could invest what we know about Israel?

Perhaps we can’t do it all, but we can all do something! We are living in exciting times! Christian friends, let’s get in the game! Time is short.

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