Can Jews and Arabs Live Peacefully Side-by-Side?

The Peace to Prosperity workshop has concluded and we are left with a key question: Is it possible for Jews and Arabs…or Palestinians…to live peacefully side-by-side? I believe so, but only if governments and politicians get out of the way!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m glad there are efforts to bring peace to the Middle East, and we are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. So, it is a noble…and Biblical…idea! However, in a sin-cursed world, sinful mankind will almost always present roadblocks.

But, is it even possible for Jews and Arabs to get along? Absolutely…and I’ve seen it. In fact, I want to share a very interesting look at two men in Hebron who not only get along, despite their nationalities, but “have each others’ backs.” Check this out:

PS: That Palestinian man was the only Palestinian to attend the Peace to Prosperity workshop! Pray for him as he tries to lead his people down a peaceful path.

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