Trump and Netanyahu to Meet in Washington Today and Tomorrow

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Friends, I’m asking you to join me today and tomorrow in praying diligently and intentionally for these men. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in Washington DC and is meeting with President Trump and other members of the Trump administration today and tomorrow.

I am burdened by what I see in the world today…particularly in our nation and the nation of Israel. I could go a dozen different directions to give you examples, but I want to focus on this:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;  and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.

~1 John 4:1-3

The spirit of the antichrist is already in our world, and we are seeing it play out in many ways. One such way is through brutal attempts to absolutely destroy world leaders who stand for righteousness. Both Trump and Netanyahu are being attacked by far left liberals who are carrying out a One World Order agenda promoted and financed by the elite (super wealthy, the media, Hollywood, financial power brokers, the intelligence community and particularly in Israel, the military elites). (Learn more about that here.)

Both men are mired in the most prolific alleged scandals in their nations’ history. Whether or not any of the allegations are true remains to be seen, and my point is not to judge one way or another, but to simply state that the vitriol and persistence in attempts to drag these two men down is beyond what we have seen in our lifetime, if not in the history of these two great nations.

I believe it is the spirit of antichrist at work. 1 John 4:2 (quoted above) says that every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God, but is the spirit of antichrist. That spirit of antichrist is alive and working. The Bible tells us that in the last days there will be lawlessness and forceful resistance to righteousness. While I don’t know for certain whether President Trump or PM Netanyahu know Jesus as Lord and Savior, I do know that, Biblically-speaking, they are making many righteous choices that reflect the teachings of Scripture. Because of that, the spirit of antichrist has been unleashed.

Trump and Netanyahu are not perfect men. (Who of us are?) Nor do I necessarily agree with everything they say and do. (Do you?) However, when we consider God’s admonition to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3), we see the most pro-Israel administration in America’s history. When we consider the prophets’ writings regarding Israel being back in the land and living securely (such as in Ezekiel 36-38), we see an Israeli Prime Minister who not only quotes such passages often, but seems to be as the sons of Issachar, understanding the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

Thus, I’m asking you to join me at the foot of the cross today and tomorrow as we pray for these two world leaders and their administrations. Pray for:

  • Humility to yield to the divine plans of the God of the universe.
  • Wisdom to implement and manage the plans God leads them to make.
  • Supernatural strength and courage to withstand the brutal attacks of those who seek to destroy them politically, personally and otherwise.
  • Their ability to accurately and firmly articulate their plans and decisions without creating unnecessary offense.
  • Their salvation and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We live in a time that is absolutely dependent upon the faithfulness of believers like you and me to bow to the guidance and direction of our Lord and Savior in order to fight the battle on our knees. Now is our time…let’s get in the game!

Will you join me in prayer?

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