Iran Figured Out How to Pop a Wheelie with a 747!

Ok, admit…does this elicit a little giggle? It certainly does with me…particularly as we have prayed for the Lord to thwart evil plans of those who would do Israel harm. Seems like He is causing confusion in interesting ways!

6 thoughts on “Iran Figured Out How to Pop a Wheelie with a 747!

      1. Yes, God sure has a funny sense of humor doesn’t he? As far as Israel, I spoke with my friend just this past week and she is only able to take off in the summers because she’s a school teacher. So I either go without her.. or with her in June 2020.

        Another thing I was wondering about, how do you think the election in Israel will affect trips there if Netanyahu is not re-elected? Especially since rumor has it that Trump’s peace plan will require the demolition of Israel’s walls in their entirety.

      2. I won’t be leading a trip in June. Others likely will, but will likely not be highly customized. To continue tour discussion, please email

        Regarding Israeli elections and Trump’s peace plan, I think we need to be very careful not to get caught up in any of the hype and speculation. The media is spinning it every which way, and many people are speculating what will/will not happen. Very few people actually know what the peace plan entails. Personally, I don’t think any walls will be demolished, nor do I think it would matter if they were. God’s hand of protection is upon Israel, He has made everlasting promises, and He will stand in their defense even in the War of Gog and Magog. One of the benefits of going to Israel is cementing those truths as you see it “in real life.”

        Bottom line…don’t put much weight in anything anyone says about the peace plan, but rather wait patiently until it is announced. America has never been more pro-Israel, so I don’t foresee anything threatening toward Israel. But if so, we can be certain it is all part of God’s plan as He sets things in place for the last days!

        Hope this helps. Blessings…and thanks for following!

      3. Great answer! I’ve never been to Israel before but I have plenty of friends who have and they say much the same as you. I still might do the tour with you as I don’t want to wait until next June. When is the deadline? All other communication about the tour will be through your email.

      4. There is a series of deadlines. Airline tickets at our quoted price have to be confirmed in June, I believe. Final payment is due mid-September. If seats are available, people can still register after that, but the cost could adjust, based on airline and hotel availability. BTW – if you sent an email, I didn’t receive it. Address: (Notice the “4,” not “for.”) Blessings!

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