Iran Smuggles GPS Upgrades for Hezbollah Rockets into Lebanon

Over the past few years, Israel has launched hundreds (if not thousands) of missions to destroy Iranian targets in Syria. Israeli intelligence is among the best in the world, so there is little doubt they know exactly what they are targeting! But what ARE they targeting?

The answer to that question is much broader than any of us know. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Iran is smuggling GPS-guidance upgrades to make Hezbollah’s “dumb” bombs into “smart” bombs! Israel’s attacks on facilities where those parts are imported or affixed to warheads have been amazingly accurate, and the deterrent has been very successful in keeping Hezbollah from having tens of thousands of rockets capable of accurately hitting Israeli targets.

In Syria, Israel has successfully targeted those facilities militarily. However, the warfare in Lebanon, where Hezbollah freely operates, is a bit different. Last September, in a speech at the UN, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed three underground locations near the Beirut airport where Iran was working with Hezbollah to upgrade weapons to smart bombs. Very quickly, the sites were vacated and the Lebanese government denied their existence. It seems Israel prefers public announcements to military action in Lebanon in order to prevent a war with Hezbollah.

The cost to upgrade Hezbollah’s arsenal of 14,000 Zelzal-2 missiles is about $5,000-$10,000 each, and Israel’s goal is to prevent that from happening. Combined with another 100,000-150,000 known rockets in Hezbollah’s possession, there is plenty of firepower aimed at Israel.

Yet the hand of God faithfully and miraculously guards His chosen land and His chosen people! Israel’s air and intelligence superiority in the region is no accident, and there is a reason the multitude of rockets fired into Israel by Iranian proxies fail to hit significant targets! In fact, here is the Arab claim (made several years ago):

Image result for god changes path of rockets

You see, even her enemies are aware that God fights for Israel! We, too, can be sure that the God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, but watches over her now and forever (Psalm 121)!

Want more great news? As believers, Israel is our insurance policy! Because God is faithful to Israel (despite their disobedience), we can be sure He is faithful to us (despite ours). Now, to enjoy the full benefit of His faithfulness requires obedience. So, let’s pray that for Israel, as we pray it for ourselves! Lord, may we hunger and thirst for righteousness which leads us to obedience! Search our hearts and teach us Your ways.

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