US-Israel Conclude “Juniper Falcon 2019”

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Joint US-Israeli Military Exercises above Israel

Military drills between the US and Israel, known as “Juniper Falcon,” concluded Thursday in Israel. The biennial drills, which alternate with biennial “Juniper Cobra” drills, are held to enhance military cooperation between the IDF and American military.

According to Lt.-Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, deputy commander, US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa, these drills “provide the glue” that strengthens “the bond between the United States and Israel.” In the face of rapidly growing aggression from Iran and its proxies, I am thankful the US military is preparing to stand with Israel. (At least at this point!)

Learn more about the purpose of Juniper Falcon 2019 here.

PS: I promised exciting news a couple days ago and, Lord willing, it is coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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