Where Does $$$ Sent to the Palestinian Authority Really Go?

For decades, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has mastered the art of convincing nations from around the world to finance their agenda. But what is their agenda? Providing better living conditions for their people or lining their own pockets?

Definite numbers are difficult to come by, but the United States has been, by far, the largest contributor to the PA. Through various channels (USAID, support for law and order, UNRWA) the US has sent about $10 billion to the PA since the OSLA Accords in 1994.

Thankfully, due to the passage of the Taylor Force Act and cutbacks made by the Trump administration, aid from the US is no longer pouring into the PA as it once did.

Given all the funding provided by the United States and other nations around the world, one would logically think the Palestinians have good schools, hospitals and infrastructure, but we all know that is not the case. In fact, most are aware that the people have benefited very little while PA leadership has grown very rich.

But I ran across an article, filled with pictures of how the rich and famous live in Ramallah. Here is a hint:

Check out The House of Palestine for more pictures and information about how PA leaders live.

Purely disgusting, when much of the population lives in abject poverty and bombed out buildings that also serve as rocket launching sites.

Please pray for the Palestinian people who are severely oppressed by selfish, evil tyrants.

PS: Exciting news is coming soon…either Friday or Saturday. So stay tuned!

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