Did You Know? Israel is Reaching for the Moon!

SpaceIL lander approaches lunar surface

Originally scheduled for a December 2018 launch, Israel has patiently waited to become only the fourth nation on planet earth to land a spacecraft on the moon!

The lunar lander called Beresheet (“In the beginning”) will travel aboard a privately-funded rocket launched from Florida, and will slowly increase its orbit of the earth until it is captured by the moon’s gravity and makes its landing there. After a few days of transmitting video and still pictures, the mission will end, solidifying Israel as a technological power, as well as the “Silicon Valley of the Middle East.”

Israel has a significant history in space exploration. Take a look at this Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs video for interesting information…including the three nations that reached the surface of the moon prior to Israel! (Of note: the mission was delayed, so dates of launch and landing are not accurate. However, other details are accurate.) Enjoy!

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