What’s the Latest in the Middle East? (Part 2)

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I hear the question often: What’s the latest in the Middle East?  Thus, I attempt to remain abreast of current events in light of Scripture, and enjoy sharing with you!

Yesterday, we focused on current events in and around Syria.  Today, we’ll scan the region for additional headlines that correlate to Biblical end time events.

So often, we focus on Russia, Iran and Turkey when we discuss the Gog and Magog prophecy from Ezekiel 38-39.  Indeed, they are key players, but Cush (modern-day Sudan and perhaps Ethiopia) and Put (modern-day Libya and perhaps Algeria) are notably listed in verse 5.  So, we can’t overlook them if we are to be accurate in our understanding of that prophecy.  In fact, I recently posted some info regarding Russia’s sights being set on those countries.  But, let’s look just a bit further.

Currently, Libya and Sudan are puppets on a string for Russia and Turkey, and play host to terrorist training camps for Iran.  Keep in mind that power-hungry Russian President Putin is in constant search of oil and gas to prop up an otherwise plummeting economy, while Turkish President Erdogan longs to extend his influence as he pursues development of a revived Ottoman Empire.  Don’t believe for one moment that Libya, Algeria, Sudan and Ethiopia will all sit on the sidelines when the northern coalition makes its move on Israel!  They, too, will make a move from the southwest.

Meanwhile, Europe is a total mess, and the European Union (as we know it) is falling apart.  Eastern European nations such as Hungary and Poland are nationalistic in their thinking, and tend to be supportive of Israel (at least to a significant degree).  On the other hand, Western Europe (particularly France and Germany) are suffering from years of liberal globalism, and they tend to lean toward Russian influence.

Friends, what we have is the perfect breeding ground for the Antichrist!  Western Europe is dark.  There is no desire for God, and the Muslim population is exploding.  They need a man who can pull it all together and somehow make it work.  The Antichrist will appear to be such a man!

Leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel press forward on plans to develop one unified military…and one unified society!  One World Order!  It is evil, it is fertile ground for the Antichrist, and the people are ready to receive such a leader.

These are days in which we must be in God’s Word, we must be discerning (false teaching abounds!) and we absolutely must be about our Father’s business!

Now, lest we get so caught up in Europe’s problems that we miss our own, let’s consider what is happening politically in Israel and the US.  Liberals are working overtime in both nations to spread evil (moral decay such as abortion, gay rights, etc; socialist entitlement programs, etc; and big government), and sectors of each society strongly desire to take down the leaders of both countries.  Those sectors are globalist in nature, aiming to create One World Order.  President Trump and PM Netanyahu stand clearly in their way.

Problems in the Trump administration are well known.  Accusations of collusion, immorality, and plain ‘ol lack of tact are reasons the president’s approval rating is at a very unusual low.  However, he was not supposed to win in 2016, but he did.  What do 2020 elections hold in store? Who knows!

Netanyahu, meanwhile, is facing exaggerated charges of fraud and other improprieties.  His government fell apart at the end of 2018 and early elections will take place soon.  Though he is currently expected to retain his position as Prime Minister, that may change if official charges are made and/or if rumors of Russian meddling in Israeli elections catch fire. 

Once opposing parties retake positions of leadership in each country, we will see a very different relationship between America and Israel, and a very different perspective of the world.  God help us!

Again, though, we must be reminded that things are not falling apart in our world…they are simply falling into place.  It is happening quickly, though, and this is no time to sleep!  Over and over in the New Testament we are exhorted to be awake, be alert, and to understand the times and seasons in which we live.  For those of us who enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we know how the story ends…our eternity is in heaven with Him!

But consider this…”being good” doesn’t secure our place in the Heavenly Kingdom.  Only a true relationship with Jesus does that.  For years I “played church,” doing all the things a “good church kid” does.  I was taught well and knew a lot ABOUT Jesus, but didn’t really KNOW Jesus until adulthood.

Perhaps you are in that place.  You’ve said the right things and you’ve played church really well, but you don’t really KNOW Jesus.  My friend, today is the day!  None of us knows the number of our days, and none of us can make it on the coattails of anyone else. 

Jesus spoke a parable about 10 virgins awaiting the bridegroom.  (Matthew 25:1-13) Five readied themselves and stayed ready, while the other five, though they knew much about the bridegroom, didn’t prepare for His coming.  There is still time for you…but the clock is ticking.

If you are not prepared for His coming, perhaps you do not truly know Him.  But you can know Him today.  Find out how:

Peace with God (from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

If you prayed to accept Jesus into your life, welcome to the family!  You are loved.

PS: Tomorrow we set our sights on Iran, with a little twist!  Be sure to check back then!  See you tomorrow!

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