Reflecting Back on the Trumps’ 2017 Christmas Greeting

A year ago, I felt blessed to hear President Trump quote Isaiah 9:6, recognize Jesus as our source of hope and joy, and wish us Merry Christmas (rather than “Happy Holidays”).  Do the Trump’s actually know the Savior in whose birth they acknowledge?  I don’t know, but it is certainly my prayer.  I hope it is your’s as well.  

While President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are both on record at various times quoting Scripture, and America is currently a great friend of Israel, we live in a time where legal and administrative challenges are bearing down on both world leaders.

We don’t know what will ultimately come of the various charges, but one thing we know for certain: Trump and Netanyahu will not be in power forever.  In fact, even if they are successful defending legal allegations, neither may survive their next election.  Legal and moral challenges aside, though, each seems to have been strategically place by the Lord “for such a time as this.”

My point?  Short of miraculous turns in both countries, Israel may soon find herself without America strongly at her side, and with Israeli leadership unable to accomplish what is necessary to keep Israel secure.  That, friends, is a recipe for the Lord to come to Israel’s defense, as He will when Israel is invaded from the north.

So, this Christmas season, let’s rejoice in leaders who are willing to quote Scripture and accurately acknowledge the Christmas season.  That dynamic may soon disappear.  Let’s also pray fervently for them.  

BTW – here is the Trump Christmas greeting from 2017.  Hopefully we’ll hear similar sentiments this Christmas as well!

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