Pray for an IDF Lone Soldier

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Most of you know that practically every Israeli 18-year-old is required to serve in the military.  (Girls for at least 2 years, boys for 3.)

However, did you know there are Jewish young people all over the world who choose to go to Israel for the specific purpose of serving in the IDF?  It’s true!  Each year hundreds come from across the globe to fulfill a duty to their homeland.  Those young people leave family, friends and everything they know to serve.

Here is the story about a lone soldier from right here in Phoenix!

We talk about supporting Israel, but do we really do it?  I’ve often said there are many tangible ways to do so, and here is one: how about praying specifically for a lone soldier?  Imagine bowing before the throne of God praying for a specific soldier!  What an incredibly tangible way to stand in support of Israel.

Click here to become a prayer warrior for a lone soldier.  I pray for Eitan, Daniel, Avraham and Naftali.  I hope you’ll commit to pray for your own lone soldiers!  We may never know just how greatly God uses our simple offering of prayer.

PS: While you’re at it, why not pray for the brave soldiers of your own country as well!

Shalom…and amen!

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