“What in the World is Going On!?!”

Do you wonder that at times?  We live in a crazy, mixed up world and news is rarely stunning any more, despite how outrageous it may have once seemed.  Just a glimpse of today’s headlines tells us we live in extraordinary times.

Image result for jordan floodAfter hearing the tragic story yesterday of Jordanian school children washed away in a flash flood (and Israel’s search and rescue efforts to save them), today we read of 8 more rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

Netanyahu makes historic visit to OmanIronically, in the midst of that chaos, Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) completed an unprecedented, secret trip to Oman to discuss regional peace and a warming relationship between Israel and that moderate Sunni nation.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, another American lunatic is arrested for idiotic behavior, after sending pipe bombs to various anti-Trump political figures and supporters.

So, is the world falling apart?  From a human perspective, it may well appear that way.  However, from a heavenly perspective, I don’t believe things are falling apart…they are falling into place.

First, we must understand that America will not be there to stand with Israel in the end.  This latest ugly American incident is only a microcosm of what is happening in our country.  Short of divine intervention, it appears we will see America spin totally out of control and be overcome by anarchy and lawlessness, where everyone will point a finger at everyone else.  Seems to be happening right before our eyes, and at that point, America will be in no position to help anyone.

Secondly, the happenings in and around the Gaza Strip could well be miniature signs of unraveling of Arab-Muslim attempts to control the Middle East (and ultimately the world).  Right now, Gaza is simply a distraction, but one day in the not-too-distant future, a much greater threat will bear down from the north.  A coalition, led by Russia, but joined by Muslim nations such as Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya, will come against Israel, only to find their own undoing!

Thirdly, what do we make of Netanyahu cozying up to the sultan of Oman?  Well, if you have paid any attention to recent news, you know that several moderate Sunni nations, such as Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE (among others) have warmed in relationship to Israel because they all have a common enemy:  Iran!  Oman is in that group of Sunni Muslim states now wishing to explore cooperation with Israel.

Not so ironically, God’s Word predicts all these things!  Israel will stand alone, a northern coalition will attack, and certain Muslim nations (including Saudi Arabia, Oman and others) will stand back and not be involved with Russia and other Muslim groups when they invade upon the mountains of Israel! (Need Bible references?  Joel 3:1-2 and Ezekiel 38-39 are good places to start.)

Indeed, God’s Word is more relevant than today’s headlines!  Therefore, my encouragement to us all is to trust wholly and completely on the Word of God rather than be frightened or anxious about the news of the day!  We serve a faithful God who is fully in control.  We know the end of the story.  So let’s rest in His sovereignty!

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