Revealing the Wonders of the Fall Feasts

Fall Feasts of the Lord

As Christians, we understand the spring and fall feasts of Israel point to Jesus the Messiah, who fulfills every feast.

But the feasts are Jewish at their core.  So, how are the feasts celebrated in Jewish homes, and what more can we glean from them from a Jewish perspective?  Are there wonders waiting to be revealed?

I think so!  Often, understanding passages of Scripture from a Jewish perspective brings a depth of understanding we would not have otherwise.  The Jewish perspective is exactly what we will get from Stan Meyer from Jews for Jesus!

Tomorrow and next Sunday (September 2 and 9), we have a special opportunity to hear about and experience Jewish traditions related to the fall feasts, and to uncover new depths of understanding.  It will be fun and interactive, so for those of you in Phoenix, I hope you will join us for this 2-week special event.

  • Sundays, September 2 and 9, 2018
  • 11:00am each Sunday
  • CalvaryPHX Central Campus, Fellowship Hall
  • All adults and young people (junior high and above) are welcome!

Click here for directions and more information.

See you there!

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