Satellite Images: New Iranian Missile Factory and Nearby Russian S-400 Defense Systems in Syria

Several Israeli news outlets have reported satellite images revealing a new Iranian missile factory in Syria.  Moreover, at least one Russian S-400 missile defense system is near enough to provide defense against an attack on the missile factory.

See satellite images and read The Jerusalem Post‘s report here.

Seemingly more evidence that things are heating up again in Syria.  Israeli officials have clearly and consistently stated they will not allow Iran to establish positions in Syria from which they can easily attack Israel.

Will Israel be forced to take action soon?  Could such actions trigger the destruction of Damascus?  Could that open the flood gates for Russia, Iran, Turkey and others to attack Israel from the north?  The Bible tells us those things will one day occur.  How close are we?

Live with purpose, friends!  We do not know when the day of redemption will come, but we are told to be ready.

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