What Makes Israeli Soldiers Different?

On occasion, I have had the privilege of visiting IDF military bases in Israel.  During those visits, it has become abundantly clear that the Israeli military is much different than America’s military.  Not necessarily better or worse…just different.

Many things make the two much different. For example, all Israelis (men and women, with a few exceptions) serve in the IDF, making them the “people’s army.”  Everyone has someone serving.  Also, young people are given unimaginable responsibility, and may be unit commanders by the time they are 19 or 20.

However, despite constant war, terrorism and conflict, the IDF has one of the world’s lowest percentages of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Why?  What makes Israeli soldiers different?  Here is an interesting explanation:

Why do Israel’s IDF Soldiers Suffer from PTSD Less than Their American Counterparts?

Perhaps there are some takeaways for the experts.  For the rest of us, both American and Israeli soldiers can use our prayers, so why not take a moment to pray for them now!

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