God’s Plan for Natural Israel

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God has a plan for natural Israel and He is not done with them yet!  (If you missed yesterday’s lesson, we defined natural Israel and spiritual Israel.  Without the definitions, today’s lesson may not make sense.)

Natural Israel (the nation and the people) are still the custodian of God’s Word.  God has entrusted His Word to them and He will not let them fail.  In Romans 11:24-26, Paul describes Gentiles as “cut from a wild olive tree,” indicating those who trust in Jesus Christ as Messiah are grafted into His cultivated tree.  Then, he explains a mystery (verses 25-26), ending with this promise: “…so all Israel will be saved.”

ALL Israel.  How does that happen?  It’s a mystery that Paul is revealing.  In simple terms:

  • Natural Israel will be restored.
  • Natural Israel will be grafted back into her own tree.
  • Natural Israel will join spiritual Israel as the true Israel of God.

Verse 25 tells us that will occur when the full number of Gentiles comes to Christ.  When the last Gentile says “yes” to the Lord’s invitation to salvation, God’s focus on redemption returns to His people…and they will be saved!

When spiritual restoration of natural Israel occurs, it will fully fulfill Ezekiel 37, the Messiah will return to earth and the greatest revival in history will take place!

Romans 11:11-15 summarizes the events, then ends with this exclamation:

 For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?

The last great account of life from the dead was Jesus’ resurrection, and Paul is likening this event to such great occurrences!  But before that, we have work to do!  That passage implores us as Christians to move the Jews to jealousy.  We have their Messiah…and we must share Him!

Believers, are you praying diligently for Jewish eyes to be open to the saving grace of their Messiah?  Are you showing the love of Christ by supporting Israel and the Jewish people?  Have you asked the Lord how you might be used to move them to jealousy?  I hope you are inspired to do so.  Time on this earth is fleeting and the season to make jealous is coming to an end.  Let’s seek the Lord and His ways for us, then do what He leads us to do!

Tomorrow we’ll look at preparations for the Kingdom that is to come.  I’ll hold your place at the study table!

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