You Don’t Hear About it, but Israelis are Coming to Know the Messiah!

Image result for epicenter prayer summit

Earlier this month, Joel Rosenberg hosted the Epicenter Prayer Summit in Jerusalem.  Participants of that prayer summit heard teachings from various Christian leaders, as well as testimonies from Jewish and Arab believers.

One of those testimonies was of Anastasia Okhrimenko, a Russian Jew whose family had immigrated to Israel.  She shared her story of growing up in the West Bank and coming to know Messiah.  Now, Anastasia serves on staff at One for Israel, a Jewish organization boldly proclaiming Yeshua as Messiah!

The founder of One for Israel, Erez Soref, also shares his testimony of coming to Messiah, then founding the ministry.  It is an intriguing story, and one of great encouragement that the Lord Jesus…Yeshua…is definitely alive and working in the midst of the Jewish people.

Those in Israel tell me that talk of the Messiah is increasing by leaps and bounds in Israel.  I believe God has called those such as Erez Soref and the One for Israel staff to bring the Good News to Jews and Arabs alike, for such a time as this!

Take a few minutes to hear those faith-building testimonies here.

Shabbat shalom!

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