Trump: “Prayer Changes Hearts and Transforms Lives”

Welcome back friends!  This morning I shared a “feel good” story about what happens when a Muslim who hated Jews comes to faith in Jesus.  I also promised another “feel good” story today, so let’s fulfill the promise!

This story is multi-layered, as it highlights God’s incredible grace in reaching into the depths to save a criminal.  That, in itself, is a “feel good” story.  But the second layer of the story causes me great joy as well.

May 3 was the National Day of Prayer.  On that day at the White House, Vice President Mike Pence (a very committed Christian) welcomed guests to the glistening white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave before yielding the podium to President Trump.

Past presidents have spoken at National Day of Prayer events, some with glowing words Christians would certainly be proud to hear.  Never did I expect to hear what came pouring from the mouth of our president!  What a tremendous surprise!

I have to confess I was not a staunch Trump supporter during the elections.  In my mind he was the least of two evils.  My skepticism was based on my doubts that he would actually make a stand on moral issues and religious freedom, or that he would truly stand strong with Israel.

Boy, was I wrong!  While I still wish someone would take away his twitter account (ie – that he would quit calling world leaders names), I am so very grateful for the stand he takes on those critical issues.  We have never had a more pro-Israel president, and he has taken unprecedented stance on the sanctity of life, religious freedom and other moral issues.

But, back to the National Day of Prayer.  Wow!  I don’t know where he stands with the Lord in terms of salvation, but President Trump spoke very powerful, Biblical words of truth.  I pray that our President knows and has a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus, and I will always pray that he is guided by God’s wisdom.

Sit down and listen to this 5.5-minute segment of the President’s address during the National Day of Prayer.  I believe you will be blessed!


Image result for why israel mattersIf President Trump sticks to those beliefs, we have lots to feel good about!  But how do we place President Trump and his administration into context of prophetic events we see happening in our world today?  We’ll talk about that and much more during our study, Why Israel Matters, Sunday mornings at 11:00 am in Room 209 at CalvaryPHX Central Campus.  We start tomorrow (June 3, 2018), so please join us!  (Info and Directions)

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