What Happens when a Muslim Who Hated Jews Comes to Faith in Jesus?

Photo by Thiago Barletta on Unsplash

Shabbat shalom, friends!  In case you are unfamiliar with that Jewish phrase, let me explain.  Shabbat is the weekly Jewish sabbath day (as Sunday is for Christians).  Because Jewish days begins at sunset, Shabbat commences at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday.  Shalom is a word of several meanings, including “hello,” “goodbye” and “peace.”  So, to wish someone “Shabbat shalom” is to say, “Have a peaceful sabbath!”

On this Sabbath day, I want to share two heartwarming posts.  This first one asks the question, “What happens when a Muslim who hated Jews comes to faith in Jesus?”

We are hearing reports pour out of the Middle East about our Lord Jesus appearing to Muslim people in dreams and  visions, and many coming to faith in Jesus!  A tremendous revival is occurring, but the news will never tell you that.  Moreover, in most Muslim countries, a person who openly professes anything other than Islam literally risks his life doing so.

So, how do we know there are Muslims coming to faith?  Many of them tell their stories via radio call-in shows, or via other means (such as the internet) in which they can keep their identity hidden.  Those involved in the underground church are bringing reports, and Muslims fleeing Syria and other war torn areas are finding freedom to express their newfound faith in other countries.

Today’s “feel good” story is the account of one former Muslim who came to realize Jews are just like him!  Read the story (by One for Israel) here:

What Happens when a Muslim Who Hated Jews Comes to Faith in Jesus?

Check back later today.  I’m working on another exciting piece that I believe leave us feeling good again!  Stay tuned….!

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