IDF Responds to Largest Rocket Barrage Out of Gaza Since 2014

Sirens Gaza May 29
Location of Sirens Activated on May 29, 2018

Almost 100 rockets were fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists into Israel earlier today, making this the largest rocket attack on Israel since 2014.  Most were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and some fell in open areas.  Israel immediately responded by taking out 35 targets, including the 11th terror tunnel destroyed this year, at least seven military compounds, weapons storage sites, naval targets and military headquarters.

“This is a serious, dangerous and planned terrorist attack against civilians and children. Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization is a terrorist organization that is based on Iranian ideology and funding, and today it used Iranian-made weapons.”

“The IDF views the attack this morning harshly and holds Hamas responsible for everything happening in and out of Gaza.  The IDF will not allow harm to the security of the citizens of Israel or to its sovereignty and will continue to act resolutely against terrorism of any kind.”

“The situation in which a terrorist organization fires into Israeli communities is unacceptable.  Since noon, we have been operating throughout the Gaza Strip in a series of attacks that has not been done since Operation Protective Edge” (in 2014).
~IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have both claimed responsibility, IJ calling it a “blessed response… our people’s blood is not cheap.”  A Hamas official said, “Israel will fail in its attempt to change the rules of the conflict and establish a new equation on the ground. The resistance in Gaza reserves the right to respond and to remain silent in accordance with the interests of our people, and this is not due to weakness.”

Meanwhile, Israel continues to vows to take whatever action necessary to protect its citizens and its borders.  Unbelievably, Israel lives in security due to the Lord’s hand of protection and the capability of the IDF.

Continue to pray for vigilance, resolve and wisdom for IDF commanders and government leaders.

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