President Trump: America Withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Just a few moments ago, President Trump announced the US withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal.  Citing the deal’s fundamental flaws and Iran’s disregard for it, Trump strongly stated that “America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail.”

You may see President Trump’s announcement here.

In Syria, significant movement of Iranian weapons and equipment has been detected, and the IDF is on high alert.  Israel’s air force is poised to take action if necessary, and officials have ordered the opening of all bomb shelters in northern Israel.  (UPDATE: about 12:30 pm AZ time, The Jerusalem Post reported Israeli jet strikes on Iranian positions in Syria.  No additional news known at this point.)

Otherwise, things are peaceful in Israel and there is minor celebration in the streets of Jerusalem.

Iran is in a quandary.  They do not want to be aggressors, proving President Trump right.  Nor do they seem to be content in the status quo after the embarrassment of the destruction of the T4 military base and Netanyahu’s unveiling of nuclear plans confiscated from Tehran.  However, Iran alone is not capable of successfully attacking Israel.  So, though there may be some activity, and though things may grow more tense in the area, there is no threat of all-out war.

It is our season of prayer, friends!  As we watch current events align with Bible prophecy, we must be faithful to be ready for our Lord’s return, and we must pray for world leaders (including the Iranians).  Be faithful in prayer, and be confident in the Lord’s plans.

Stay tuned…

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