Trump Declares May “Jewish American Heritage Month”

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Following the tradition established by President George W Bush in 2006, and sustained during each administration since, President Trump declared May “Jewish American Heritage Month.”

“Jewish Americans have helped guide the moral character of our Nation.  They have maintained a strong commitment to engage deeply in American society while also preserving their historic values and traditions. Their passion for social justice and showing kindness to strangers is rooted in the beliefs that God created all people in his image, and that we all deserve dignity and peace.”
~President Donald Trump, May 2018

Stating their contributions to society “have made the world a better place,” he went on to say that their their “enduring tradition of generosity” has made them a “light unto the nations.”

Whether purposeful or not, Trump’s words echo those of the prophet Isaiah when, in Isaiah 49:6, the Lord (speaking through Isaiah) declares He will make Israel a light to the nations.

But not only that.  Take a few moments to read all of Isaiah 49, and notice these things:

  • Verse 3: God intends to show His glory through Israel.
  • Verse 5: God intends to gather Israel unto Himself.
  • Verse 6: God intends to make Israel a light to the nations, so salvation may reach the end of the earth!
  • Verse 7: Kings and princes will ultimately bow down to the Holy One of Israel.

He goes on to make many promises to His chosen people, but what is important to see for today is that, whether knowingly or unknowingly, our President is proclaiming prophetic Scripture!  Israel’s purpose is to be a light to nations, so salvation may reach every nation and tribe on earth.  God will indeed gather Israel unto Himself (see Jeremiah 31:27-40Ezekiel 37 and Romans 11:26 for evidence).  He will show His glory through Israel, and kings and princes (and presidents!) will bow down to the Holy One of Israel!

Praise God for a President willing to take a stand for Israel.  Our President isn’t perfect (and neither are we!), so let’s be faithful to pray as he leads our nation in right standing with Israel.

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