Update: Strike on Iranian Positions in Syria

Missiles on display during a parade marking National Army Day, just outside Tehran, April 18, 2018.
Iranian missiles on display in Tehran, April 18, 2018  (Photo credit: Ebrahim Noroozi / AP)

Last night it was reported that large “bunker-busting” bombs had successfully hit Iranian positions in Syria.  This followed Israeli and American intelligence that loads of missiles and other weaponry were being delivered to Iranian bases from Iran.  There has been no confirmation of who carried out the attacks that took out at least 200 missiles and many Iranian military personnel, but if indeed laser-guided bunker-busters were used, the US and Israel are the only known forces in the region to have such capability.

News continues to surface, but for now all we know is that targets appeared to be a weapon storage facility and an Iranian recruitment base.  Iran does not appear to be sending large numbers of soldiers from their country, but are recruiting Shi’ite fighters from other countries to come do battle in Syria under the command of Iranian commanders.  They are thought to be recruited and trained at a base that was targeted.

It is believed that at least one high ranking (likely a general) in the Iranian military was killed, along with perhaps another two dozen military personnel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address Israel and the world shortly, and will likely reiterate Israel’s position in defending itself against Iran’s buildup in Syria.  This, of course, comes just days before President Trump’s May 12 deadline on whether or not to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Stay tuned…but more importantly, remain prayerful.  World leaders need wisdom and it is our responsibility to pray for them.

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