BREAKING: Iranian Targets in Syria Hit Just Hours Ago

Image result for syria strike f35 at night

The US and Israel have been monitoring incoming transports of weapons and troops into bases in Syria, building up capabilities to strike Israel.  Israel, meanwhile, has long said they will not allow Iran to establish positions in Syria that threaten Israel’s security.

It is not yet clear who conducted major “bunker-busting” attacks on those Iranian positions, but it is believed that at least two primary targets have been hit, taking out freshly-delivered rockets and a recruitment facility.  It is also believed that significant electronic warfare had to have been carried out to disable more sophisticated Russian missile defense systems.

The blasts caused by the huge “bunker-busters” are said to have caused minor earthquakes, and the US and Israel are the only known countries in the region to have such heavy-duty, laser-guided artillery and the aircraft capable of delivering them.  Though not confirmed, some believe it was an American strike, assisted by Israel.

This attack is thought to be much more significant than the destruction of 3 empty buildings during the American attack a few weeks ago in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria.

News continues to come in.  Stay tuned…

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