Koolulam Sweeps across Israel bringing Joy and Hope

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A new movement is sweeping across Israel.  The mass singing initiative is called Koolulam, and is immensely successful in gathering diverse crowds to join in unity and song.  The first event in Tel Aviv in 2017 was so successful that events now sell out in short order.

The gist is this: participants register to attend an event and are quickly identified as baritone, alto or soprano. Once together, they spend less than an hour learning a three-part arrangement of a Hebrew or English song. Then, it’s showtime!  Everyone lends their voice in song to create a video, many of which get very significant airtime on social media!

But what’s the point!?!  The music and creativity is meant to unite Israelis on a mass scale, and events often target places in society which are hurting and in need of an uplifting song that will put a smiles on faces.  Events have focused on groups such as Holocaust survivors and critically ill children in hospitals.

A few days ago I shared a video from a Koolulam gathering of 600 Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren.  Now, take a look at the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who joined critically ill children in a Koolulam event at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikvah, Israel in February.

The desire to make the world a better place (Tikkun Olam) is woven into the fabric of Israelis, and their joy and zest for life are contagious!  Enjoy!

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