US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to AIPAC: “The US is at its Strongest when We Stand with Israel!”

If you have never heard David Friedman speak, you will find him to be far from “rah-rah,” but yet very principled and profound.  The US Ambassador to Israel comes across as wise, steadfast and contemplative.  You won’t hear him raise his voice to make major points of a speech, but rather (if like me) you will find yourself listening intently to what he has to say.

Like other dignitaries who have addressed AIPAC over the past couple days, he proudly proclaims the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and he seems to stand proudly that he is the Ambassador who will inhabit the new embassy in Jerusalem!

His speech to AIPAC was calm and measured, portraying the right type of personality of one who sits in high-stakes negotiations on behalf of America and in support of Israel.  He also speaks of Biblical principles, on which America was founded, and on which he stakes his decisions.  I encourage you to watch his 20-minute speech and listen intently to hear this servant’s resolve to carry out his duties as Ambassador with dignity and honor.

See Ambassador Friedman’s and all the AIPAC speeches here.

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