Mr. Pence’s high-stakes trip to Egypt. (Joel Rosenberg’s op-ed for the Jerusalem Post)

Joel Rosenberg’s op-ed is dead-on. Let’s pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as VP Mike Pence travels to the Middle East this week. BTW – I can think of no better representative to carry forth the message of reconciliation than Mike Pence. May the Lord guide his steps and his message!

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


Rarely does a vice presidential trip carry high stakes for the future of US foreign policy. But all eyes will be on Mike Pence this week as he heads to Israel and Egypt.

The controversy over US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem policy has significantly complicated the trip and threatens to undermine Washington’s heretofore rapidly warming relationship with its Sunni Arab allies.

It is critical that Pence not be perceived as taking a “victory lap” for the administration’s decision to recognize west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Rather, he needs to carefully listen to Arab concerns, and cast a compelling vision of how achieving true peace – with America’s help – can dramatically improve the lives of Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian and Israeli moms, dads and children, while respecting the passions all Muslims, Christians and Jews have for the Holy City.

It is also vital that Pence tangibly strengthen our strategic alliance with…

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