MUST SEE: Wounds of War inside Syria

We have heard about the atrocities in Syria.  We know that Syrian Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.  It is estimated that about 500,000 Syrians have lost their lives, 6 million are displaced internally (within Syria), and 5 million are displaced externally (to other countries) during the 6-year Syrian civil war.

But, if that is not horrific enough, we’re now seeing actual news reports out of Syria of the bombing of hospitals.  Imagine surviving a chemical attack from your own government, only to die in bombing attacks at the hospital in which you are being treated.

Previously, I shared news of an American surgeon and trauma nurse who were sunken deep into Syria to render medical aid to those in need.  (See Sharing the Love of Christ in Syria and Jews Helping Christians Helping Muslims)  Those courageous women are not the only medical professionals to travel to Syria to lend their talents and expertise.

Just last night 60 Minutes ran a story on the situation in Syria.  In it, we see the absolute brutal atrocities carried out (with absolutely no condemnation from the United Nations), as well as those risking their lives to reach out to the Syrian people.

For those of us who have never come close to facing such horrific circumstances, it is a stark reminder that there are people who desperately need our prayers and support.  It is also a reminder that there are indeed people still committed to going to the greatest lengths possible to help those in need.  Praise God for that!

You will find the 14-minute 60 Minutes release, Wounds of War here.

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