Son of Hamas Takes Palestinian Authority to Task at UN

Mosab Hassan Yousef was born the oldest son of a Hamas founder.  Raised to one day inherit his own leadership role in the organization, Mosab was groomed in the ideology of Hamas.  Because their charter demands they destroy the Jews, Mosab set about doing his part to fulfill that mission.

Only, a strange thing happened along the way.  Detained and held captive by the Israelis, Mosab was approached by a Shin Bet (Israel’s FBI) official with an interesting proposal: become an informant and a spy for Israel.  The fascinating story is told in the film, The Green Prince, which you will find here.

As a spy, Mosab saved the lives of hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis.  Eventually, he professed faith in Christ (though he speaks often about a “higher consciousness” as his guiding force, so be careful in assuming he fully understands Christianity), sought and received asylum in the US and took up the cause of speaking out against the evil atrocities perpetrated upon his own people, the Palestinians.

On Wednesday, he addressed delegates at the United Nation for about a minute and a half, and heads turned!  Boldly he spoke out against the illegitimacy of the Palestinian Authority, and the reality of how they treat their people.  He loves his people and wants good for them, and he recognizes the issue lies with leadership.

His comments to the UN are below.  (His part begins at about the 1:00 mark.)  Meanwhile, please pray for him.  Ask the Lord to grow him up in His faith, and that he will become an agent of change for the Palestinian people.

One thought on “Son of Hamas Takes Palestinian Authority to Task at UN

  1. azanna

    So thanking God for this courageous young man and praying the Lord would make him strong in faith and make him that agent of change!

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