On My Way to the Holy City!

Hi friends!  By the time you read this, I will be well on my way to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people!  Visiting the land is always such a blessed experience, and one I never take for granted.

Today, people groups fight over Jerusalem, but one day soon, Jerusalem will prove to be the “heavy stone” of which nations of the earth will gather against, and which will cause all who lift it to hurt themselves.  We’re seeing that happen even now as Palestinians fight to rid the land of Jews in order to make it their own.

To whom does the land really belong?  God promised it to Abraham and his descendents centuries before the birth of Islam, and there are facts the world needs to know.  So, as I make my way to Jerusalem…the “heavy stone”…take a couple minutes to contemplate the case for Israel’s claim to the land.

Blessings…and Shabbat shalom!

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