Israelis Finding Hope through the ICEJ

When you think of Israel, what comes to mind?  Do you think about Jesus teaching the multitudes around the Sea of Galilee?  Do you think about the empty tomb?  Do you think about the modern-day miracles of tiny Israel in an enormously evil neighborhood?  Do you think about the passionate Jews who daily visit the Western Wall, yearning wholeheartedly for their God?

Those are all common themes when you think of Israel.  However, did you know that homelessness and poverty also exist in Israel?  Whether Arab, Palestinian or Jewish, there are those in need.  On several occasions I have had the privilege of observing and ministering at children’s safe houses in various Israeli cities, where young children, (sometimes homeless, other times in dire need) find a safe place after school to play, do homework and enjoy perhaps their only hot meal of the day.

Yes, there are social organizations within the government of Israel, but as you can imagine, the vast majority of government spending goes to military defense, leaving precious little for those in need.  Seeing the need, the International  Christian Embassy Jerusalem steps in when possible to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the needy in Israel.

Please see and hear the story of Mali.

The ICEJ is a very broad ministry, reaching out to the needy in the name of Jesus, helping Jews from around the world make aliyah (return to the homeland, as prophesied in Scripture), teaching worldwide to educate the church as to her role with Israel, and hosting the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration where believers come from all over the world to worship the King of Kings (as we will do in the Millennium).

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is YOUR embassy!  It represents you and me, as followers of Jesus the Messiah, to His own people.  The Embassy is also reaches out to Arabs, Palestinians, Druze and others, sharing the love of Jesus without regard to nationality or religious belief.

Christians, aren’t you glad we are represented well in the City of our Great King!  Please pray for the ICEJ and their staff as they minister daily.  Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity, as on the first Wednesday of every month ICEJ invites people from around the world to be involved in the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative.  Find a prayer group in your city, or just join in the prayer effort on your own.  Click on the link above to find specific prayer points.

Also, if you are interested and able, you may support the work of the ICEJ financially, as they carry out the work we all wish we could do.

Blessings my friends!

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