Israeli Life: Caring for Orphans

Like any nation, Israel has a significant population that lives in poverty, or is otherwise in need.  Unlike many people groups, Jews generally have very high regard for life and will go to extraordinary measures to preserve it and enhance it.

Such is the case with orphans in Israel.  Organizations such as Colel Chabad work with city governments throughout Israel to identify those in need, then assist them, while striving to uphold their dignity.  There are other organizations who serve the needs of underprivileged as well, and I’ve had the blessed privilege of visiting some of those places.  Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) is alive and well in Israel!

Setting for Bat Mitzvah

I just read of a special event for 12-year-old Israeli girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity to celebrate their bat mitzvah (rite of passage, where Jewish girls “come of age” in terms of keeping all Biblical commandments).  The time of bar mitzvah (for boys) and bat mitzvah (for girls) is a very significant celebration for Jewish families.

Recently, Colel Chabad treated 42 young girls to bat mitzvah that made them “feel like a princess.”

Read about this special occasion here.

A closing thought:  A bar/bat mitzvah teaches a young person the importance of obeying all Biblical commands.  Keep in mind, Judaism is rooted in the law of Moses.  Admirable, yet sadly void of the grace of Jesus the Messiah.  Personally, I so admire the commitment and dedication of the Jewish people in their pursuit of God.  Let’s pray that, in that pursuit, they find the grace of their Messiah!

Happy Lord’s Day!

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