Greg Laurie and Harvest America Coming Soon

Hi friends!  As you know, I often use this blog to encourage Christ followers to understand our Jewish roots, and to support Israel.  But today, I want to get to the very root of why I do this.

We know that a key part of God’s plan for the Jewish people is to be the vehicle of world redemption.  The last phrase of Genesis 12:3 says that through Abraham (and his descendents), ALL the families of the earth will be blessed.  It is God’s desire, throughout all of time, to use the Jewish people to carry means of redemption.

Redemption, the forgiveness of sin, comes only through the Jewish Messiah who we know as Jesus Christ.  Yes, it was the Jews who gave us Jesus…and it is Jesus who redeems us!

For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.
~1 Corinthians 15:3-4

And yes…through the Jews we have the Scriptures that inform us of that great gift!

There is a very unique opportunity this weekend for people all over the United States to be involved in Harvest America!  Consider this: EVERY person who has ever lived will ultimately spend eternity in either heaven or hell.  Hell is a real place, and it was created solely for Satan and his demons.

However, those who refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord/Savior/Master over their lives will be taken by Satan to that horrible place of fire called “hell.”  Why do we see such rampant evil in our world today?  Because Jesus is coming back soon to REDEEM those who have given themselves to Him.  Time is short and the enemy of our souls knows that.  Therefore, the evil prince (Satan) and his demons are working feverishly to drag as many souls to hell with them as they possibly can.

How many people do you know who have yet to give their lives to Jesus?  Why not invite them to participate in Harvest America, where they will be blessed by the music of MercyMe (“I Can Only Imagine”), Phil Wickam (“Your Love Awakens Me”), Jordin Sparks (2007 American Idol winner) and several other nationally-known recording artists.  But more importantly, they will hear Greg Laurie present the Gospel in a very clear, compelling way.  This is a matter of eternal life for those you know and care about.

Furthermore, America is in desperate need of another great awakening.  Many believers are asleep and need to be awakened!  Therefore, multitudes are praying that this event will be the catalyst for that.  We’re believing that God will join together at least 500,000 people for this event, and that many will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ!  Watch and listen as Greg Laurie shares the vision:

Here is how you can participate:

  • Come to the event!  It will be held at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale AZ (home of the Arizona Cardinals).  Doors open at 2:00pm and the event starts at 4:30pm (Arizona time – currently Pacific time in the US)  Find out more here.
  • Host a simulcast in your church or home.  Hosting a simulcast is free, and there is plenty of tech support if you are unsure how to make it work.  (It is basically just streaming video, so if you stream videos on your computer or other electronic devices, you’ve got this!)  Click here to become a host.
  • Attend a simulcast.  There are literally hundreds of host sites across America.  Find one here, and join them for the simulcast!

Prepare to be awakened!  Likewise, invite your unsaved friends.  You may be the only lifeline keeping them from spending eternity in hell!  Come join us!

PS: I am passionate about God’s Word, and believe that if you get the beginning or the end wrong, the middle fails to make sense.  I talk a lot about the last days (the end) on this blog, but I’m also involved with a ministry that focuses on the beginning (Creation, Noah’s flood, etc), using the Grand Canyon as “Exhibit A” of God’s creation.  Canyon Ministries will have a booth at the Harvest America event, and we will be giving away a Grand Canyon tour for 4!  We’re the only tour company at the Canyon delivering daily tours from a Biblical perspective.  Stop by our booth, register to win a free tour, and let me know you follow Looking for the Blessed Hope.  I would love to meet you in person!

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