Tzofim: You’ve Got to See Them!

Israel Scouts 1
2016 Tzofim Group Performing in Scottsdale

For the past few years I have thoroughly enjoyed unique groups of Israeli young people singing and dancing to the thrill of audiences here in the Phoenix area.  The program is called “Tzofim,” and is similar to Boy and Girl Scouts in America.

Tzofim provides unlimited opportunities to build a better, stronger Israeli society by:

  • Developing positive young leadership
  • Instilling Jewish identity
  • Focusing on community building

In their final year of scouting, these Jewish young people have the opportunity to spend a summer in the United States and Canada, bringing Israeli culture, music and dance, while promoting peace.

Though secular (as are the Boy and Girl Scouts in America), Tzofim is a very impressive Jewish organization.  Read about the incredible opportunities extended to these young people.

Tzofim is coming to Arizona and I strongly recommend taking in one of their performances.  They are free of charge and you will thoroughly enjoy the evening!  Here is their schedule:

  • Sunday, June 11 @ 11am – Temple Beth Shalom (12202 N 101st Ave, Sun City)
  • Sunday, June 11 @ 4pm – Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center (122 E Culver St, Phoenix)
  • Monday, June 12 @ 7pm – Congregation Or Tzion (9096 E Bahia Dr, Scottsdale)
  • Tuesday, June 13 @ 7pm – Beth El Congregation (1118 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix)
  • Wednesday, June 14 @ 7pm – Temple Chai (4645 E Marilyn Rd, Phoenix)
  • Thursday, June 15 @ 7pm – Temple B’rith Shalom (2077 Brohner Way, Prescott)
  • Monday, June 19 @ 7pm – Temple Solel (6805 E McDonald Dr, Paradise Valley)
  • Tuesday, June 20 @ 7pm – Temple Kol Ami (15030 N 64th St, Scottsdale)

For more information: 480-216-4280

Again, these events are FREE, though most sites will offer a no-pressure means of donating to Tzofim in order to finance their trip.  Jewish congregations are very welcoming, so these are very pleasant opportunities.  A group from my home church will gather to enjoy the show in Glendale on Tuesday, June 13, and you are welcome to join us!  Just show up at Beth El Congregation and meet us in the lobby.  We’ll likely be very noticeable, but if not, ask to be directed to the group from Calvary Community Church.

See you there!


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