City of David: A Jubilee Discovery…and Today’s Significance

Years of jubilee were declared by the Lord in Leviticus 25, to commemorate special times of rejoicing.  (See yesterday’s post for a further insight into years of jubilee.)  Rejoicing is warranted because God is faithful to His promises!

One of those promises, which seemed totally impossible for about 2,000 years, is that the Jews will be back in their land, living in security during the last days.  Security began to build when Israel declared independence in 1948 and re-captured and re-unified the City of Jerusalem in 1967.

Model City, looking north
City of David appears in the lower right quadrant (model of City of Jerusalem)

However, Israel experienced at least 2 Jubilee Years prior to 1967, which we discovered yesterday.  One of those was the discovery of the City of David in 1867 by British archaeologist, Charles Warren.

In March, CBN produced a piece that describes that discovery and its significance as a “jubilee” event.  They recount the story much better than me, so I hope you will take 5 minutes to enjoy the video or the written account you will find here:

Prophecy Fulfilled: City of David ‘Shakes off the Dust’

347 - Walls of City of David
Part of a wall at the City of David

God is faithful to His people…and He is faithful to you and me!  I pray you are encouraged as you see and hear the account of the rediscovery of the City of David.  It is an incredible place and has the fingerprints of the God of Israel all over it!

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