For Zion’s Sake – June 2017

Hey gang, it’s first Wednesday…which means time to join millions of other believers around the world in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.  The Bible commands it (Psalm 122, Isaiah 62), we obey it!

PRAISE: Lord, we are Your appointed ‘rememberers.’ You have made us mindful of You, from sunrise to sunset, in seasons of darkness as well as light. Thank You that this is so. Amen

PROCLAIM: I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent.  (Isaiah 62:6)

PONDER: Isaiah suggests here that Jerusalem is twice walled: a literal wall of crenelated limestone protects the city, but there is another wall too, a spiritual wall that her watchmen provide.  In the ancient world, a watchman was a protector, one who “hedged about,” preserved and attended that which he guarded. Watchmen were alert, even when the inhabitants of the city slept or went about their daily chores.  Men may have built the quarried walls to protect Jerusalem, but today, God musters watchmen from every time zone on the globe to continually, perpetually and always speak to Him, forming a holy hedge of defense around the city.  So we add our voices to this supernatural force-field with our prayers.

Isaiah 62PRAY: Please find June’s prayer points here.   Also, I encourage you to take your call as a watchman on the wall seriously.  Please commit to pray on the first Wednesday each month, and if at all possible, join a local Isaiah 62 prayer group.

As always, if you are in the Phoenix area, I strongly encourage you to join us at 6:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month at Calvary Community Church.  (More info and directions here.)

BTW – this prayer initiative is a ministry of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  The US branch reports there are 4 states in the US that have not yet established Isaiah 62 Prayer groups.  Is your state one of them?  (Find a map here.)  Even if your state has one or more groups, why not organize one in your city or area?  It is simple to do and ICEJ supplies you with everything you need to facilitate the group!

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